Scrambler Motorcycles over 650 cc

Big Guns: Class-Leading Big CC Scramblers

Versatility without compromise, that’s the spirit of a big cc scrambler. Beyond the off-roady cosmetics, bikes in this class should have more power than your average commuter, and a few functional improvements for dirt riding. These aren’t dirt bikes, and won’t be suitable for aggressive single-track or enduro riding, but a good scrambler should be…

Brand new scramblers under 650 cc

Rough and Ready: 6 Scramblers Under 650 cc


When you need one machine to do it all, it’s hard to beat the rugged charm of a scrambler. The formula is as simple as it gets, and is often little more than slapping a high-mounted exhaust, tall fenders and knobby rubber on your average street cruiser. Don’t mistake them for dirt bikes—but by improving…